PE High-Class Solid Pipe Extrusion Line
Single Machine
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JQ-G Series double-station Coiler
Introduction: JQ-G series double-station coiler is a newly designed product, which introduces advanced German tech
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FLSJ-G Series Single Screw Marking Line Co-extruder
Introduction: Features: ※With thrust-bearing gear reducer ※Working synchronous with extruder. With remote contr
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PE Pipe Calibration Sleeve
Introduction: Features: ※Spiral high-speed calibration structure ※High-speed disc calibration for small size pip
  Details >>
LXGM-G Series PE Pipe Extrusion Die-head
Introduction: LXGM-G Series PE pipe extrusion die-head introduces most updated German technology. Designed with o
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ZD2-G Series Pipe Vacuum Tank
Introduction: Features: ※8500~10000 length stainless steel thickened vacuum box with no paint ※New optimized des
  Details >>
PL-G Series Pipe Spray and Cooling Tank
Introduction: Features: ※5800 length stainless steel thickened tank with no paint ※New optimized design of the s
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