A little history

Located in Ningbo, nearby the beautiful Fenghua River, the Fangli Group is one of the state-level Hi-tech company and a universal corporation who is engaged in the industrial manufacturing and integrated research, development, sales, service, agent as well as multi-investments.

Established in 1993, now the Hi-tech Corporation covers an area of over 130,000㎡, employs over 400 workers with a registered capital of RMB 50 million and over 220 sets of processing equipments and more than 30 sets of testing instruments. The Group operates its sectors smoothly under the ERP system. Since it was established, the Group has been seeking every opportunity to get itself developed and expanded. Now it has eight subsidiaries and one provincial-level engineering technological center as below:

Sino-Germany Joint-venture Ningbo Graewe Extrusion Equipment Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Pump & Valve Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Hydraulic Packing Instrument Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Machinery Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Plastic Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Group Marketing Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Machine Tool Marketing Co.,Ltd.,
Ningbo Fangli Investment Co., Ltd., and
Ningbo Fangli Hi-tech R&D Center for Extrusion Machinery Manufacturing.

In addition, the Group has set offices and sales & service centers both in domestic China and overseas like Japan, Singapore, India, Iran, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada, U.S. etc. The main manufacturing aspects the Group covers now are: Extrusion Line for plastic pipe, profile and sheet, Pelletizing Unit, Plastic Auxiliary Machine, Industrial Pump & Valve, Hydraulic Packing Instrument, Welding Equipment etc.

The success of Group over the past 14 years not only represents the determination, tireless efforts and dedication of the management team and staff, but also illustrates the company`s commitment to continuously create new products to serve the increasingly diverse needs of its customers.

Will-power comes from goal & objective and the success requires constant pursuing. Under the modern corporation system, effective stimulation mechanism, scientific management method and the high-quality team, the Group has been keeping its dynamics in the development and innovation. Fangli believes, with its constant efforts, the Group would be a leader in the domestic plastic extrusion machinery industry and a great impact to the international stage.
  TEL: +86 574 28883018 FAX: +86 574 28883130 EMAIL: [email protected]
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